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Why it’s important to get your eyes checked regularly


So your vision is blurring, you find yourself squinting often to view objects, or straining your eyes to focus on a computer screen more often. Or maybe your child isn’t seeing well in class, or sitting closer and closer to the TV.
While these signs could signal that it may be time for an eye examination, you shouldn’t wait for your eyes to get blurry before you get your eyes checked.
Regular eye exams, even if you don’t wear glasses or contact lenses, can help in the early detection of visual disorders, and reduce your risk of future vision loss.
While many people don’t believe that frequent eye examinations are necessary unless there is a problem, in the interest in your eye health, adults are advised to have their eyes checked every two to three years. Children and seniors should have their eyes checked annually, and it is covered by OHIP.
Eye checks determine if you need glasses for the first time or if you already wear glasses, can determine whether your prescription is up to date.
In addition to helping you experience your best vision possible, regular eye exams also check the health of the eye, and are critical for detecting early signs of diabetes, macular degeneration, or glaucoma.
Ajax Optical has been serving Durham for more than 25 years, with qualified opticians who can be trusted to look after patients of all ages. You can bring kids as early as age five to a qualified optometrist at Ajax Optical.
Our state of the art, on-site laboratory is equipped to produce prescriptions with accuracy.
For eye examinations in Ajax, Ajax Optical is available six days a week for your convenience, If you haven’t been able to find time to book your regular eye examinations.
To book an appointment with an optician or for general questions, call Ajax Optical at 905-683-2888.


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